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Avoid Backtracking and Fixing ‘Finalised’ Projects

Having a Quality Assurance (QA) checklist is the best way to ensure that all aspects of an eLearning solution are checked.

The person who is completing the QA can cross check each screen against the checklist and in-turn ensure that nothing is missed.

Imagine you are completing an eLearning course. You are on the second screen of the module when you notice a spelling error. You then go to click the back button and nothing happens. Imagine errors like this taking place throughout the whole learning experience. It could get frustrating, right? The legitimacy of the learning content would decrease and you could get to a point where you believe it is not worth completing. This is why QA is crucial to an effective eLearning course. 

Our team has worked on a number of projects and it is through this experience that we have gained a deep appreciation for the importance of the QA process. We have been in the final stages of a project, ready to launch it to the world only to realise that there were errors (and trust us, this is not fun). Our team are passionate, we work hard and we could not understand how these errors were happening.

We came to the realisation that we needed a process. It had to be a process that we could trust and rely on for delivering high-quality, error-free learning solutions in a timely way. This is how our checklist came to fruition.

This checklist was not created overnight, it was tested and built upon over years. Every project we worked on, we came together and discussed the errors we missed and it went straight onto our checklist. We would not miss that error for the next project and as you can imagine the efficiency of our process increased. We can now proudly and confidently say that we have a QA checklist that works and we know it will work for you too.

Who is it For?

Freelancers, consultants, in-house teams, project managers or agencies that create eLearning solutions who:

  • Want to deliver high-quality error-free solutions. 
  • Want a practical and efficient process for checking their eLearning solutions.

Should I have a QA checklist per client?

Yes. We recommend saving a template for each client. This enables you to input requirements relevant to them (e.g. font size and HEX colours etc.)

How many times and when do I need to complete this QA checklist per project?

We recommend completing this QA checklist twice. Firstly, at the beginning of the project (prior to sending your solution to your client) and then again at the end of the project (when you are ready to release it to the world).

If I work solo, will it matter if I develop and QA my eLearning?

If you are working solo, go for a walk and come back to this task later with fresh eyes.

How do I Download it?

Download the excel template QA checklist for free here (sharing is caring). Why wouldn’t you want to use a checklist generated from years of experience from an award-winning studio? 😉

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