Human-Centred Design is the Key to Positive User Feedback and Obtaining the Results you Desire

Belvista Studios has an exciting announcement!

We are launching a Human-Centred Design for Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers course! 

This course will enable instructional designers and eLearning developers to use the principles of Human-centred Design to create effective learning experiences and solve business problems.

This will be the toolkit for the rest of your career.

From our perspective, placing a strong focus on your user (i.e. your learner) is no longer optional. Products and solutions that are successful put their users at the heart of their design process. Think of how Uber overtook Taxis in the market. Uber achieved this by putting their users at the heart of their design.

  • Uber created an easily accessible mobile app that enables users to call upon a car at the tap of a finger. Now users do not need to wave down a car on the street.
  • Users receive an estimate of how much the ride will cost before they book it. They do not need to worry about being overcharged at the end of a ride. 
  • Users receive information about their driver and their rating before they get into their ride. They do not have to second guess their safety as much as before. 
  • If users leave an item in a ride, they now know exactly what car they were in and using the app, they can report their lost item with the tap of a finger. They no longer need to stress about trying to get in contact with their driver and remember a registration plate. 
Uber considered their users’ needs and it worked.

When you have a deep understanding of your users, you can better understand the problem that you are solving and in turn create a solution that makes a difference.

Our team at Belvista Studios have each been involved in past projects that did not hit the mark.

Either feedback from users was poor or business goals were not being met.

We knew that there had to be a better way and when we discovered Human-centred Design, everything fell into place.

Once we started putting our users at the heart of our design, we realised that we were gaining a better understanding of the problems that we were solving.

This meant that we were focusing on solving the right problems, which was a game changer when it came to meeting business goals and improving employee performance.

Keeping our users front of mind through the processes that we took enabled us to design solutions that were tailored for the people completing them.

This resulted in users connecting with the solution and adjusting their behaviours in order to meet the project goals.

Our team knows that Human-centred Design works and this is why we use the approach for our projects.

We are inspired to share this approach with others in the industry, so that you too can experience the results that we do and ultimately meet your project goals.

What Challenges will it Help you Overcome?

  • Successfully solve your business problem/challenge. 
  • Launch a solution that is tailored to the needs of your learners and your organisation/client.
  • Launch a solution that makes a difference. 
  • Create an experience that changes behaviour and performance.
Who is it For?

Instructional designers and eLearning developers who want to:

  • Create solutions that meet the needs of their users and in turn solve business problems. 
  • Incorporate a Human-centred Design approach into their design process. 
  • Create solutions that engage, impact and change the behaviours of the users they are designing for.
What's Included?

A self-paced online Human-centred Design course for instructional designers and eLearning developers featuring:

  • The Human-centred Design step-by-step approach that we use so that you can apply it to your projects.
  • Up to 6x group coaching opportunities (we will host one monthly and you will have 6 month's access) where we discuss in a Q&A format (driven by you) the practical application of Human-centred Design in the real world, as well as helping you to embed a deeper knowledge of the skills you are developing.
  • Insights from our studio, our clients and others in the world successfully using the Human-centred Design approach who communicate its valuable impact.
  • Videos of our team running activities in real time for you, as well as for you to use with your clients.
  • A case study to show you how Human-centred Design looks in our instructional design and eLearning world.
  • Practical opportunities for you to complete this course as if you were being coached through your own project.
  • Podcast conversations of our team discussing Human-centred Design and how it can be applied practically. 
  • Links to tools, podcasts, videos and resources to support you in using Human-centred Design for your projects. 
  • A Human-centred Design Handbook for instructional designers and eLearning developers, featuring templates and resources that enable you to apply the approach to your projects in a practical way.
Course Curriculum

Our team knows that this course will add value to you as instructional designers and eLearning developers. We have experienced the power of Human-centred Design and the results that you can obtain from using it.

There is just one thing...

Before we completely design this course and polish it up for you to access, we need your help, in the true spirit of Human-centred Design. Have no fear, your help will not leave you empty handed. This is a win-win deal. To support our team to put our time, resources and energy into this course, away from our client work, we need to hear from you (our users) that it will add value.

How can you show your interest? Well, this is your first opportunity to get in at the lowest price. We are offering this course to you for A$375 during our 4 week pre-sale period, ending 17 January, 2020. If we are able to sell 10 courses during the pre-sale we will know that there is demand for us to put everything into making this course awesome and be ready to launch it by April 2nd, 2020.

  • If the pre-sale goal is achieved, we will develop the course and those that did not take advantage of the pre-sale can purchase it for the full price of A$825.
  • If we do not hit our pre-sale target, we will not proceed with making this course yet. Your A$375 investment will be returned in the form of a 1 hour personal coaching call and 1.5 hour group coaching call, booked in by 20 January, 2020. As well, you will receive one of our paid templates that you would like.
Invest in your projects, your learners, your clients and most importantly, yourself. You will not regret your professional development commitment to yourself.

Who are the Course Authors?

This course will be designed by the founder of Belvista Studios, Kim Tuohy, in partnership with Hannah Grennan, a learning experience designer in the Belvista Studios team (with a background in Psychology, as well as an interest in humans and how we design for them).

Kim and Hannah have a strong interest in Human-centred Design and have been researching the approach, presented to others in the industry on how to apply it and ultimately have incorporated it into the processes that they use for projects at Belvista Studios.

Both Kim and Hannah are inspired to share their knowledge and experience of using Human-centred Design and feel confident that it will add value to others in the industry.

Thank you!

Thank you, our amazing community, for all of the messages, DMs and support you have shown us.

We hope this course helps you rethink what you are capable of as you pursue your personal and professional goals.


What happens if I sign up for the pre-sale and not enough funds are made for the course to be created?

If we do not hit our pre-sale target, we will not proceed with making this course yet. Your A$375 investment will be returned in the form of a 1 hour personal coaching call and 1.5 hour group coaching call, booked in by 20 January, 2020. As well, you will receive one of our paid templates that you would like.

What if I cannot gain access to my users?

That’s ok. Activities can be based on assumptions and research, allowing you to empathise to a certain extent without jumping in and designing something for them without considering them at all.

Are there any types of projects where Human-centred Design does not add value?

We haven’t come across any yet.

Can I connect with your team for further support and coaching throughout this process?

Group coaching will be available as part of this course. There will also be discussion functions throughout. You may want to take advantage of the many other ways you can interact with us, such as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Ready to invest in yourself and your career?

Purchase the course for the pre-sale price of A$375 here.

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