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Plan and Prepare Today to Improve your Filming Solutions Tomorrow

Our video planning and logistics template encourages you to record and plan out the scene details, dates, times, locations, actors and props for your desired film project.

These are the tried and true steps followed by an award-winning eLearning studio to deliver a successful eLearning project that incorporates filmed videos.

A filming logistics plan is crucial to the smooth running of a filming day as it provides a timeline of where and when different events will take place and what exactly is required in order to achieve the desired film outcome.

Imagine turning up to film at your chosen location and having no idea who was going to be involved, what you wanted each scene to look like or how long anything was going to take? It would be a waste of time and resources for you, your client and anyone else you engaged to take part. Being prepared in this situation and having everything planned out is the most effective way of ensuring you create a successful solution. Our step by step template will guide you through this process.

The template is a tried and true logistics plan that we have generated over time for our eLearning studio, Belvista Studios. Over the years we have completed multiple eLearning projects that incorporated filmed videos for a diverse range of clients and in doing so, our team has obtained a deep understanding of what is required for a successful filming logistics plan.

We are inspired to share this process we have created to enable you to successfully manage any film projects you may have.

What Challenges will it Help you Overcome?

  • Provides you with guidance on how to plan out every aspect of a filming solution.
  • Provides you with a better understanding of what is involved in the filming process and what things you need to consider to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Who is it For?

Instructional design or eLearning freelancers, consultants and agencies who:

  • Require support with a step-by-step template to follow.
  • Find themselves overwhelmed by the filming logistics aspect of an eLearning solution.
  • Want to incorporate filmed videos into their projects but are not sure where to start.
How do I Download it?

Download our Microsoft Word Filming Logistics Template for free here (sharing is caring). 

If you would like to discuss filming solutions in further detail please do not hesitate to contact our passionate founder Kim via or by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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