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Provide Structure and Clarity for your Client Projects

Feeling uneasy about the legal and contract side of your work?

Our contract templates provide you with the guidance required to create a terms of engagement and clearly defined scope, between yourself and your client, for each project.

You can be great at your craft, however, how do you clearly set expectations and prevent misunderstandings?

Imagine that you verbally agree on a price only to find out at the end of the project that the client is not willing to pay the amount. What evidence do you have to show the original agreement?

Imagine that the client wants an eLearning module. You get to the end of the project, your hours are up and they then express that it needs to be compatible for mobile (which now requires a significant amount of extra work and a very disappointed client). 

Contracts and a statement of work will save you and your client from those potentially awkward, frustrating and ‘freak out’ situations (and will give you the upper hand if you ever end up in Judge Judy’s courtroom).

Unless you studied law, creating a contract isn’t an easy task.

We get it.

We have worked hard over the years to create contract templates that set clear expectations for ourselves and our clients. Through finetuning our inclusions and wording, we are now confident that we have effective and reliable templates that work. We want to share what we have learnt with you to set you up for success. 

What Challenges will it Help you Overcome?

  • Provides you with the questions to ask yourself and your client to more clearly define your scope.
  • Provides you with the confidence that you clearly understand the expectations of your client. 
  • Provides a documented and mutually agreed on statement of work with clearer conditions for working with your client.
What Reassurance will it Help you Create in the Eyes of your Client?

  • Provides them with the confidence that they will receive the output that they expect. 
  • Provides them with assurance that you will do the work. 
  • Gives them confidence in the agreement made with you.
  • Clearly states what they will receive from the agreement. 
Who is it For?

Instructional design or eLearning freelancers, consultants and agencies who want to:

  • Set clear expectations with their clients.
  • Be fairly treated for the work they do.

If my client doesn't have an internal legal team, should I hire a lawyer?

That's up to you. We personally have never done it and have been fine but we have heard many horror stories too. We recommend you do your due diligence and conduct your business in a way that you feel comfortable and protected. 

Can I use the contract I created from this template in a Court of Law?

This is beyond our knowledge and different for each country. It does help you think of things to protect yourself and work better with your client. This is for people who have not considered having something more definite in place when working with clients .

What if my client creates a contract on their end?

That's great. Read it carefully and don't be afraid to share that there are things you are not okay with or items that need adjusting before you will sign.

If I have questions about the template, can I contact the Belvista studios team?

Yes. Message us on Instagram. This is the documentation that has helped us draft the contract and statement of work that we use for our clients so we will be able to share from our own perspective.

It is 100% fullproof? 

You are getting the template we use. As we make mistakes and learn from each project we work on and each client we work with, we adjust and add to the templates. The updated versions will be uploaded to the creator hub for you to benefit from too. 

How do I Download it?

Purchase our step-by-step Statement of Work template and our Inclusions for a Contract drafting template, which prompts you with questions to consider for inclusion in the contract here for A$59. 

If you would like to discuss this in further detail please don't hesitate to contact our passionate founder Kim via or by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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