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Communicate your Craft to Win the Projects you Deserve

Feeling uneasy about discussing price with your clients?

Our step-by-step template provides you with what you need to write an effective and stand-out proposal for your services, as a business or individual, in the instructional design and eLearning industry.

It's more than just price. It's about sharing the value you bring to help solve your client's problem.

You can be great at your craft and deliver amazing results for clients, however, how do you engage them in the first place?

Promoting the value you can bring is crucial to your success and if you don’t understand how to do it, you will miss out on work. If you are seeking clients, you need a stand-out proposal. 

Perfecting a proposal can take time. This proposal has been generated from many years of testing and feedback. This feedback has been received from real clients, providing feedback on proposals that were put forward for real projects. Whether we won the proposal or not, we always asked the client for feedback and it is from this process that we created our proposal masterpiece (sorry not sorry for the lack of modesty). We are not sorry because we know this will add value to you and we are inspired to share it with you, our industry friends.

What Reassurance will it Help you Create in the Eyes of your Client?

  • Provides them with the confidence that you have a deep understanding of their problem.
  • Provides them with the confidence that you are able to successfully solve their problem (through past experience or skills that you posses).
  • Helps them envision what solution could solve their problem.
  • Provides them with assurance that you can do the work.
  • Demonstrates the effort you put into proposals, which will give them insight into the effort you put into your work.
  • Provides them with evidence that your process or solution has worked for others in the past.
  • Provides them with evidence that you are able to tackle projects of their size and complexity.
  • Helps them appreciate the value behind the price.
Who is it For?

Instructional design or eLearning freelancers, consultants and agencies who have:

  • A desire to communicate what they have to offer and win bigger and better clients. 
  • Mastered their craft though require support to promote the value they can bring. 
How do I Get it?

Purchase our step-by-step template for generating winning proposals in the instructional design and eLearning world here for A$59. 

If you would like to discuss this Proposal template in further detail please don't hesitate to contact our passionate founder Kim via or by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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