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An Effective Project Management Tool for a Successful eLearning Project

Our project plan template encourages you to record project milestones, quoted hours, task start and due dates, task owners and lists the tried and true steps followed by an award-winning eLearning studio to deliver a successful eLearning project.

Project management is crucial for any successful eLearning project. Actually, project management is crucial for any project for that matter. Imagine building a house without a plan or filming a movie without a script? The same goes for eLearning projects.

You need to understand the full extent of what the project involves, what is required of you and the exact steps required to get there. Also, why wouldn’t you want to use a process generated from years of experience from an award-winning studio? 😉

This template is a tried and true project plan that we have generated over time for our eLearning studio, Belvista Studios. From completing multiple eLearning projects over multiple years for a diverse range of clients, our team has obtained a deep understanding of what is required for a successful eLearning project plan.

We are inspired to share our process to enable you to successfully manage your projects and in turn empower you to understand and plan for the project ahead.

What Challenges will it Help you Overcome?

  • Provides you with a go-to resource that will enable you to successfully plan your eLearning projects.
  • Provides you with guidance on the tasks involved with successfully delivering an effective eLearning course.
  • Supports you in meeting client expectations by enabling you to share a detailed plan prior to developing the solution (avoiding misunderstandings due to client expectations vs. reality), including when they are expected to provide feedback to keep the project on track.
  • Gives you more time to focus on your craft (rather than being overwhelmed by project management).
Who is it For?

Freelancers, consultants, in-house teams, project managers or agencies that manage eLearning projects who:

  • Require support with a step-by-step process to follow.
  • Find themselves overwhelmed by the project management aspect of eLearning design and delivery.

How will I know how long tasks will take? Do you have a guide for time estimates?

This part we can't help with as we would need to know the scope of the project. Basing it on previous projects you have worked on is a good place to start.

How do I Get it?

Purchase our excel template for developing a successful eLearning project plan here for A$59.

If you would like to discuss this project management tool in further detail please don't hesitate to contact our passionate founder Kim via or by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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