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A Useful Tool for Organising Content into an Effective eLearning Module

The storyboard is the blueprint of your eLearning solution.

It is a plan that specifies the visual elements, sound elements, interactions and details relevant to the learning solution that will be developed. Simply, a storyboard outlines the learning content, screen by screen. Any developer should be able to pick up a storyboard and successfully develop the learning solution as it was planned.

Imagine building a house without any form of plan.

Imagine what could potentially go wrong.

Well, the same goes for eLearning. Creating a storyboard for your eLearning solution is crucial to creating a well thought out and effective learning solution. By creating a storyboard you avoid spending time developing a solution only to realise that the concept doesn’t make sense, important information has been left out or even worse, the learning objectives are not being met, meaning rework and a waste of many valuable hours.

Our team at Belvista Studios believe that the storyboarding process is one of the most crucial stages in the eLearning design and development process.

Our storyboard template: 

  • Provides you with a go-to resource to successfully plan and organise a potentially overwhelming stack of content into an eLearning course.
  • Helps get all stakeholders on the same page for what will be developed (the final product).
Who is it for?

Instructional designers and eLearning developers who:

  • Are looking for a storyboard template.
  • Find themselves overwhelmed by organising content into an eLearning course.
  • Struggle to get clients to understand the end vision.

Can I develop directly into development software to save time?

Yes but before you do, at least scribble a quick plan down on some paper to view it through a different lens. Planning is a key element to your success. Some projects are straight forward or you've got a clear understanding of what the client is looking for and you might feel ready to jump on in, so do this, after scribbling your thoughts out first.

How do I Download it?

Download the Microsoft PowerPoint storyboard template for free here (sharing is caring).

If you would like to discuss storyboarding in further detail please don't hesitate to contact our passionate founder Kim via or by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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