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The Importance of Creating Partnerships

“Customer partnership is a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone.”

Murphy and Murphy, 2002.

Working as a team or in partnership on a project or product is a situation that most of us will come across in our career. Have a think about the different teams or partners that you have had. Whether it was someone you hired to support you with something, a client you obtained or simply a colleague in your team.

1. Were some relationships better than others?

2. How did this impact your enthusiasm, the quality of the work produced and what you experienced throughout that time?

I believe that the strength of a relationship/s in a team or partnership is crucial to achieving awesome outcomes, having trust in the process and enjoying the experience. This blog will share tips for creating a partnership but before then it will provide some context around the importance of partnerships and how they can benefit you.

When I think back to projects that I really loved and were successful, the first thing that comes to mind is the team or person that worked with me. When I really clicked with my team/partner, when I felt I could be vulnerable and honest and when my enthusiasm and passion was matched, I could be confident that we were going to achieve something awesome!

At Belvista Studios creating partnerships is very important to us. A prime example is what landed me in my current position. When I met Kim Tuohy, the founder of Belvista Studios, we just clicked instantly. We were both enthusiastic, passionate about creating our perfect life, driven to achieve great things and had a very similar wacky sense of humour. We worked very well together and the possibilities for achievement became endless! So here we are, creating awesome learning solutions and bouncing off each other (in other words we have created a partnership).

In my previous position we had a range of companies who would provide us services. Some companies would send automatically generated emails, most of the time you had never seen the person physically and they often completed work for us with minimal communication and connection. On the other hand, we had providers who would call up to discuss upcoming work, they would make the effort to make a connection with us as individuals, we came to know who they were as a person and what their strengths and weaknesses were. To this day they are front of mind when I ever want to connect, partner with someone or require a service. Why is that? It’s because they made a connection with me! It felt good to work with them, I have trust in them and we achieved great things through the quality of our relationship.

Having a partnership with the person/team you are working with has the following benefits. It:

1. Assists you in maintaining the focus you need to make good decisions.

2. Provides you with the power to get through difficult times.

3. Provides you with the confidence that you are working with a passionate individual or team that won’t let you down.

4. Creates a synergy of knowledge, security and adaptability for both parties.

(Breakthrough e-Coach)

So, how do you ensure that you are creating quality partnerships?

1. Keep in touch/get to know your partner/client: a personal relationship goes a long way (Quality Driven, 2017).

2. Clarify expectations at the very beginning of the relationship. E.g. "What are your expectations of me in terms of communication?" "I would like us to respond to emails in less than 24 hours". This will ensure that both parties know what to expect of each other and there is no guessing or frustration around timelines, communication, quality etc.

3. Gain feedback
by checking in with your partner/client by asking them how they honestly believe the partnership is working out. This allows you the opportunity to make changes or confirm that all things are going well!

4. Share your passion! You have teamed up with an individual who is either requiring something that you can offer or wants to work with you to create something that they are also passionate about. Do not be afraid to show your excitement throughout the process. It is amazing how a can-do and enthusiastic attitude can influence the relationship and the project outcomes.

What does your organisation do to create effective partnerships? Do you believe it is important in the process of achieving awesome outcomes? We hope you enjoyed this blog and look forward to sharing more inspiration about partnerships into the future!

A little bit about the author...

"I am Hannah and I am passionate about how we can create effective and fun learning experiences. I believe that if you create enjoyment and social connection through learning, learning outcomes can sky rocket! The world is changing and becoming more and more digital by the day. We need to harness this and see what's possible!".


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